MPXJ: Microsoft Project Exchange

Package net.sf.mpxj.sample

Class Summary
MppDump This is a trivial class used to dump the contents of an MPP file broken down into its internal file and directory structure, with the content of each of the files written out as hex digits, and their ASCII equivalents.
MpxjConvert This is a general utility designed to convert from one project file format to another.
MpxjCreate This example illustrates creation of an MPX or an MSPDI file from scratch.
MpxjFilter This example shows tasks or resources being read from a project file, a filter applied to the list, and the results displayed.
MpxjQuery This example shows an MPP, MPX or MSPDI file being read, and basic task and resource data being extracted.
PrimaveraConvert This utility is design simply to illustrate the use of the PrimaveraReader class.

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