MPXJ: Microsoft Project Exchange

Serialized Form

Package net.sf.mpxj

Class net.sf.mpxj.AvailabilityTable extends java.util.ArrayList<Availability> implements Serializable

Class net.sf.mpxj.CostRateTable extends java.util.ArrayList<CostRateTableEntry> implements Serializable

Class net.sf.mpxj.MPXJException extends java.lang.Exception implements Serializable

Package net.sf.mpxj.utility

Class net.sf.mpxj.utility.MPXJDateFormat extends java.text.DateFormat implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.text.SimpleDateFormat m_format
Internal SimpleDateFormat object used to carry out the formatting work. Note that we force the locale to English at this point. This is done because it is not clear whether MPX date formats that contain the names of the days of the week support localised day names, or just the English names. To make things consistent and to ensure we generate MPX files that can be moved between locales, we default to using the English day names.


java.text.SimpleDateFormat m_alternativeFormat


java.lang.String m_null

Class net.sf.mpxj.utility.MPXJNumberFormat extends java.text.DecimalFormat implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.text.DecimalFormatSymbols m_symbols
Number formatter.


java.text.DecimalFormat[] m_alternativeFormats

Class net.sf.mpxj.utility.MPXJTimeFormat extends java.text.SimpleDateFormat implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.lang.String m_null

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